• Structures of power and privilege — their history, causes, 和 effects.
  • Models of social change, with the goal of advancing human rights 和 equity.
  • Mark '82, Founder of College Bound Dorchester

    Michael H. Feldman'67 Social Justice Day

    Each spring CSW holds an annual school-wide event known as the Michael H. Feldman Social Justice Day. Formerly known as Law Day, the event was established in 1975 by 雪莉 和 罗杰·费尔德曼 in memory of their son, Michael Feldman ’67502 Bad Gateway 



    • African Apics from the Oral Tradition
    • The Art of Buildings
    • Cultural Studies in 舞蹈
    • Discovering India
    • Drawing: Otherness 和 Social Justice
  • French Elective II: Literature 和 艺术
  • Harry: White Masculinity in American Literature
  • Latinx Literature
  • 现代非洲
  • Off Campus to China & Taiwan
  • Pocket Players
  • Social 和 Political 剧院
  • Spanish Elective V: Current Events in the Spanish-Speaking World
  • Topics in Jazz History
  • Totalitarianism Past & Present
  • U.S. Jailhouse Nation: History of Crime, Punishment, 和 Mass Incarceration
  • U.S. Native Americans
  • U.S. Youth Subcultures